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I write books so hot that I'm embarrassed to let my Momma read 'em (but she does anyway because we like the same spicy tropes)!

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Deal with the Devil

Underworld University, Book OneYou have been selected to attend Underworld University, the most prestigious training ground for demons in Pandemonium. During your studies you’ll have the unique opportunity to wipe your soul's slate clean.The catch? Your demonic classmates are using your chance at a peaceful afterlife to practice making soul contracts with humans.My life wasn’t perfect, but it was mine. Despite losing my parents as a kid and being taken in by my uncle I was raised like every other mob princess, spoiled and fiercely protective of my family. Until I died.Sure, I have a few ideas about why I ended up in hell:1. Murdering my ex-boyfriend, Kallum.2. I don’t know, jaywalking, I guess.Getting distracted by whatever game my irresistible demonic classmates are playing will definitely land me in hot water—and their beds. But when someone from my past threatens my place at the academy, I’ll need their help more than I realize.Are you ready to make a deal?

  • Trigger Warnings: Death, violence, head trauma, graphic sexual content, church settings/priests, mild gore, swearing, mutilation of a corpse (historical mentions), monsterfucking, catholicism, Heaven/Hell mentions, biblical angels, demons, sex work, ableism/ableist language, eating disorder-like behaviours, polyamorous relationships, choking, parental death (historical), guns, knives, bugs, severe eye trauma.

  • Tags: Poly romance, why choose romance, dark romance, fantasy, monster romance, modern setting, ff, mf, demons, angels.

The Devil I Know

Underworld University, Book TwoCongratulations! You’ve made it to the Winter Solstice. For many students, it’s time for some hard-earned rest.For the rest of you? Eternity awaits.I thought I’d figured out this afterlife thing, that was before Wes enrolled in the university.Now I have more than my rank, a vengeful ex-boyfriend, and whatever weirdness is going on with Wrath’s dad to worry about—I need to save my brother.Allowing myself to feel something for these demons was a gamble, but now I have no choice but to trust them.I just hope I won’t have to hurt them too.A deal is a deal.

  • Trigger Warnings: Disordered eating, depictions of OCD, ableism/ableist language, parental abuse (physical, mental, emotional), kidnapping, gore, blood, violence, gambling, alcohol as a social lubricant, homophobia (historical mentions), hate crime (historical mention), murder, accidental death (historical mention), desecration (by burning) of a church (historical mention), whipping, body shaming, gun violence, swearing, Catholicism, knives, Heaven/Hell mentions, biblical angels, demons, sex work, group sex, explicit sexual content, non-human (monster) sexual content, pet play, dominate/submissive dynamics, use of restraints during sex, tentacle play, praise, voyeurism, degradation, bed humping, masturbation, role play for sexual purposes, cum swapping.

  • Tags: Poly romance, why choose romance, dark romance, fantasy, monster romance, modern setting, ff, mf, demons, angels.